• ARTSAT:On-Orbit

The First Image



The INVADER is equipped with a compact low-resolution camera. This photograph is the first image taken by the INVADER on April 8 2014, 16:28 (JST) when the satellite was on its orbit just south of Japan. Since no attitude control measures were taken to re-orient the satellite, downlinking the captured image data was necessary to determine whether the camera was facing the Earth. Despite these difficulties, the INVADER succeeded in taking an image, only 160 x 120 dots, beautifully capturing a clear outline of the Earth’s face (including the contours of its atmosphere) in daytime - its first and best shot. The monopole antenna in the center of the image is for receiving signals (in 145 MHz band) from the ground station. Transmission of the image data from the satellite took approximately three weeks with the help of many amateurs radio operators.