• ARTSAT:On-Orbit




DESPATCH is “an environmental art in space”, with an envelope area of a cube 50 cm on each side (approx.) and a total mass of 32 kg (approx.), which after launch will follow the Earth escape trajectory and be released into deep space. The 3-D printed “helix” or “spiral” shape of the spacecraft has from antiquity, been used to symbolize the dynamism of the universe and life. Although a work of art, DESPATCH aspires to portray a vision of the future, symbolizing a society that is yet to challenge the great depths of the universe, rather than expressing personal emotions or opinions. The work falls in line with the Russian avant-garde artist Vladimir Tatlin’s Monument to the Third International, created in 1919. DESPATCH is also an homage to Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty, considered to be one of the first works of site-specific environmental art. After launch, DESPATCH will become an artificial satellite orbiting the sun for the indefinite future. In hopes that our descendants or other intelligent life will one day encounter the DESPATCH, the space craft will be mounted with a MEMS memory with a life span of over a thousand years, carrying our message to future generations and other life forms.