• ARTSAT:On-Orbit

INVADER Engineering Model



A method known as Phased Project Planning (PPP) is commonly implemented for the development of artificial satellites, required to realize an autonomous system that can operate under the extreme conditions of the space environment. Starting from a rough prototype, the PPP method entails an iterative step-by-step refinement process that enables high levels of reliability and safety. The development of the INVADER consisted of three phases: the bread board model (BBM), for the impedance matching of the system; the engineering model (EM), subjected to various durability tests and the final flight model (FM) for the actual launch. The engineering model, produced with the same design and fabrication method as the flight model, is used to evaluate its performance in launch and orbit environments through vibration, impact, heat, vacuum tests etc. Based on these tests, the final flight model is planned and developed for launch.