• ARTSAT:On-Orbit



夜でありながら衛星に光の当っている全日照の期間を利用して、アマチュア天体写真家の笹岡省三さんが、通常は地上からは不可能と思われている自己発光しない1U CubeSat、すなわち360km先の10cm角の物体の撮影に挑戦した。そのためには撮影衛星の位置、地上の状態、上空の天候や雲、月の明るさ(月齢)など、さまざまな条件が揃わなけれならないが、ここに掲げた2枚の写真には、不確かではあるが、INVADERの軌跡らしき光跡が写っている。たとえINVADERが写っていなくとも、この写真を撮影していた時間に、このフレーム内をINVADERが秒速8km余りで通過したことを想像すれば、そこからもうひとつのリアリティが生まれてくる。

Amateur astrophotographer Shozo Sasaoka made an attempt to photograph the 1U CubeSat, taking advantage of the “full sunlight period” when the sunlight constantly reaches the satellite regardless of the time of day. Photographing the CubeSat is considered an almost impossible feat since this entails capturing a tiny 10 cm cube, which does not give off any light on its own, from 360 km away. It also requires specific conditions to fall into place, such as the position of the satellite, the conditions on the ground, the weather, the condition of clouds and the brightness of the moon (lunar phase). Although uncertain, the two pictures shown here have captured a trajectory of light presumably that of the INVADER. However, regardless of whether the light ray is really the INVADER, the fact that the CubeSat entered the frame of the camera at some point during the shoot, passing through at approximately 8 km/s, imparts another meaning to the image, depicting another reality.