Missions of Art Satellite “INVADER”

(1) Create artworks that link with the satellite
We created various artworks that stimulates human perception and create new imagination by operating satellte from our own ground station (Tamabi GS) and using obtained telemetry data of the satellite from space.
(2) Design interface to share telemetry data of the satellite
In order to implement the open satellite, we designed an interface (ARTSAT API) which enables us to obtain satellite’s data freely through the Inernet. We also implemeted web-based client-server satellite operation system at Tamabi GS. Source codes and related data are also open to public from ARTSAT GitHub.
(3) Perform interactive works that is mediated by the satellite
“Morikawa”, a mission on-board computer (OBC) compatible with open-source hardware platform Arduino, enables interactive operations with INVADER. Users can use the base software, extension libraries and the development environment that were cultivated in the Arduino community. Morikawa’s hardware modules are abstracted consistently as much as possible, hence the coders can write programs to use them very easily and freely. In addition, a virtual machine is implemented by defining a original machine language on Morikawa using its strictly designed interface. The VM enables users to re-program Morikawa efficiently by sending only small bytecode from ground station. We made various experimental missions using Morikawa during the satellite is on orbit.
(4) Make new proposal to the society in terms of art and design
We demonstrated to the society a new way of utilizing DIY nano satellites in terms of art and design. For example, we can perform some sound performance and media artworks that utilizes the interactive function with the satellite. We also held various events, lectures and workshops to introduce our project openly.