1. The world’s first (amateur) art satellite that is used mainly for art / design activities
  2. A 10 cm cube (1U) CubeSat with a mass of 1.85 kg
  3. A newly designed alminuum frame of satellite with anntena placed in the center
  4. Powered by “Morikawa”, a mission OBC, compatible with open-source hardware platform Arduino
  5. Uploading and execution of user programs on orbit using Morikawa
  6. Speech synthesis and tone generation on Morikawa and transmittion to the earth using digi-talker
  7. Intelligent on-board camera controlled by Morikawa
  8. Distribution of telemetry data through ARTSAT API
  9. Web-based client-server ground station system implemented as daemon
  10. Collaboration with the international amateur (ham) radio community