INVADER has received an OSCAR number, Cubesat OSCAR-77 (CO-77)

Oscar number was given to the world’s first art satellite, CubeSat “ARTSAT1: INVADER” launched in Feb. 27, 2014 from Tanegashima Space Center, JAPAN. Now INVADER is officially designated as Cubesat OSCAR-77 (CO-77). It is a great honor for us to got the Oscar number for our satellite. We would like to express best thanks to all of you. – Message from Mr. Bill Tynan, W3XO (2014/04/02) Professor Kubota-san: Thank you for your reply. From what I can determine, the ARTSAT Project, INVADER satellite meets all of the qualifications necessary to receive an OSCAR number. In accordance with your e-mail response, I will use Cubesat in the designation for this satellite. I therefore designate the ARTSAT Project INVADER satellite, Cubesat OSCAR-77 or CO-77. Thus CO-77 joins the earlier Japanese cubesats such as XI-IX(CO-57), XI-V(CO-58), Cute-I(CO-55), SEEDS-II(CO-66). Congratulations to you and the entire ARTSAT team for the launch and operation of Amateur Radio satellite, CO-77. May its mission be a successful one. 73, William (Bill) Tynan, W3XO AMSAT-NA OSCAR Number Administrator