Cosmic Poem – Draft 1

The attached sound files are the recordings of transmission test of Cosmic Poem – Draft 1 by Tomomi Adachi and Akihiro Kubota. It was performed on March 31th, 2014. It is based on the movement of sound poetry of dadaism, such as Raoul Hausmann’s poster poem, Kurt Schwitters’s URSONATE and Japanese writer, Taruho Inagaki’s poem in the same age. We propose this Cosmic Poem should be called “code-sound poetry” since it is written and generated by the following short code for AquesTalk pico LSI/ATP3011F1 on Morikawa. fuuuuuuuuuu;mu,;poppo tsukikibowo,o;o;ooooochi_suchi_kuchi_suchi_kuchi;pogosama;pogosama+poppo+poggo,ochitamuuuuun?ku;biee? Cosmic Poem is transmitted from space and everyone can hear it. We are going to transmit them all over the world in the near future. at TamabiGS from JA0CAW